Cultural differences while dating Russian girl.

Posted by | August 18th, 2016

International dating is a great thing, however, it might be different from the dating standards we are used for. Even there're many things in common, there are still some issues which are crossing between them. If you are dating Russian girl, for sure you might already notice some cultural behaviours and another way of life. For those of you who are taking dating with Russian lady seriously, we had prepared few cultural differences you might come across.

  1. There’s no “hooking up”, “seeing each other” or “flirting”. If you are dating someone, you are dating for real and this relationship might lead you to marriage. Russians take love issues in a very serious way, and their main goal is to tie the knot.
  2. Russians are family oriented and it plays ahuge role in lifestyle. Girls from an early age are trained how to serve husbands in the future. If you can’t accept her family, you’re done.
  3. When there’s a problem between lovers, they will ask family members to help in solving it. Nowadays many couples are seeking help in professional therapy;however, such thing would never happen in Russia.
  4. Russian woman’s role after marriage is staying at home; take care of household and children. They do not work since it’s husband’s role to bring enough amount of cash. However, some of Russian woman’s after marriage are working until they have first kid.
  5. Russians are getting married at quite young age. Average moment to get married is around 20 years old for both, female and male. Right after marriage there’s a time for having kids. If you are dating a Russian lady and don’t want to tie the knot and thinking about having children, you better find someone else.
  6. Russian girls expect their partners to treat them like princesses. Bringing flowers, small gifts and proposing great date ideas should be apriority.
  7. Fashionable and expensive clothes are very important, especially for young Russians. They want to look attractive to make their men feel proud. If you have no ideas about a gift for her, take your girl to nearest shopping mall.
  8. Try to avoid eye contact at the first date. It's considered to be very rude and sexual temptation. Do not hold her hand or try to kiss her lips either. She will let you do it when the proper time will come.
  9. Don’t be angry is she is late. There’s an unwritten date rule that girl should be late for approximately 10 or 15 minutes to check if the guy she is dating is serious about her and would wait till she appears.
  10. While visiting her home, do not sit on the floor. It’s very rude and shows no respect to her family.
  11. Russian girls are rather a superstition so be careful about this!
  12. Always say beautiful toast and praise her while drinking Champagne or wine in a restaurant. Never let her drink first without a toast.
  13. Do not try to talk about politics or Russian’s economy while on a date.
  14. Not all Russian girls are easy and informal. Do not treat all of them as prostitutes. It’s a very bad stereotype and has nothing to do with the truth.

Dating Russian lady will be funny and challenging at the same time, however, if you remember all useful tips and tricks about culture differences, you international love will be the best!