Do All Russian Girls Drink Alcohol

Posted by | August 15th, 2016

The World is surrounded by myths and stereotypes which are sometimes hard NOT to believe in. While some of them are actually true, most myths are just nothing more but an exaggeration or even nonsense. However, it’s good to keep in mind that actually all stereotypes have a bit of truth in each one.

Russia is well known from stories and myths but how true they are? What about stereotypes about Russian girls? Are they real?

1. Russian ladies always dress well and wear makeup

This statement is a partialtruth since many young Russian girls won’t go outdoors without wearing heavy makeup or some sexy, good looking clothes. However, this stereotype is different toward adult ladies or married ones. They still care how they look like, however wearing makeup 24/7 is a bit exaggerate.

2. They care about tradition and culture

That’s a 100 % truth. All Russian women are proud of their country and who they are. Traditions and family things pay a big role here. If you are willing to date with Russian, learn her culture first.

3. They are family oriented

This is another true statement. As we mention before Russian girls care much about family and traditions. They are a concern and well oriented about roles in the household. If your wife is Russian, she will serve you well, cook and clean for you and take great care of your kids.

4. All Russian young girls are prostitutes.

This is not true at all. Since movies industries and Hollywood created an image of Russian gangsters and Russian prostitutes, a stereotype had been created. What’s more guys all over the world have a wrong feeling that Russian girls are rather cheap and it’s quite easy to win their hearts or simple “buy” them. Russian ladies are very loyal and trustworthy, lovely and can do everything for husband and for the family.

5. Russian girls are looking only for wealthy and rich guys

This is a stereotype that actually can be true. Actually, lots of Russian girls (especially the ones who are dating online) are looking for a prince on a horse with a particular amount of cash. But from another hand, who doesn’t want to marry a rich guy?

6. They like brutal type of guys

There’s a Russian saying ““the more he beats you the more he loves you” however we shouldn’t take this seriously. No one wants to be beaten by partner and experience home violence.

7. Russian women are manipulators

This statement had been made by many of guys who had been scammed by fake Russian profiles over the Internet. Real Russian ladies are sweet and had nothing to do with manipulation. They just need men and someone who will love them forever.

8. Do all Russian girls drink alcohol?

This stereotype is partially true. Russia is well known for crazy parties and love to vodka. There’s no young girl who had never tried alcohol. Beverages with % are easy to get in every store and gas station across the country. However, not all girls love to drink.