How to deal with Russian’s girl family?

Posted by | August 10th, 2016

You have been dating Russian girl for a while and suddenly the moment you had been worried about came to a true- meeting HER parents. Meeting parents and close relatives is a very important step in every relationship. It means your partner takes this partnership seriously and probably thinking about marriage.

While you meet your girlfriend’s partners even a small mistake might cause huge problems and no acceptance from her family. If you don’t want to make any problems and make parents meeting to go smoothly, here’s few tips you shall follow.

1. The Family Model

Russian people are very family oriented and when it comes to marriage and bonding two families together, they are quite restrictive. A married couple has a duty to serve each other’s parents and close relatives. Calling parents in law as “mother” and “father” is highly appreciated too. It’s a common thing that mother in law is trying to mock and demonize her daughter in law because as a wife she needs to serve not only her husband but all family as well.

2. Family gathering

Family meetings are very often organized by different occasions. Doesn’t matter if it's wedding, birthday party or just evening coffee, all those events are celebrated with a great care. There’s always much food for parties like this, so for sure you need to try everything that’s on the table. Drinking alcohol with father in law (or any male from her family) it’s in a good manner too. If you are visiting her home for the first time, it’s always best to bring a small gift for her parents.

3. Conversation

Knowing some basic Russian will be appreciated here since they care about traditions and language a lot. You don’t need to speak fluent Russian but words like “zdra-stvooy-tye” (Hello), "spa-see-ba" (Thank you) and "pa-zhal-sta" (You’re welcome) should have a place in your main dictionary while talking to her family. Most common topics to talk about while family gatherings are: politics, worldwide news, gossip, and culture.

4. Orthodoxy Religion

The Russian Orthodoxy is the most common religion and it does pay a big role in everyday life. Going to church on a weeklybasis, praying and trying to live in a good way, it’s something normal and natural for over 95 % of the Russian population. Of course, you don’t need to become an Orthodoxybeliever, however, if you are dating seriously with a Russian girl you need to respect her religion and try to join her in the church as well. While in church remember those rules: never hold hands or put them into a pocket, do not record religion celebrations in church, don’t wear shorts and sleeveless shirts , do not wear a hat.

5. Drinking

Russians are one of most heavy drinkers across the world. There’s no home, where there’s no bottle of vodka or even two bottles. If you are abstinent, you need to understand your girl’s family and do not mock them for drinking too much amount of %. If you are a drinker, having few shots are very welcome and proper. It’s good to mention that you need to wait for a toast before raising a glass.

Meeting parents and close relatives is avery important step in every relationship. If you will take our advice and bear them in mind, for sure you future parents in law will be in love with you!