How to detect Russian dating scam

Posted by | August 10th, 2016

“Hello my name is Katia; I am very interested in your profile. Please write me back”, these kinds of messages are likely to pop out of nowhere and all of sudden while you browse dating profiles. Most of them are just automatic forms of messages sent to every new register user. Some guys do reply on those messages and then getting to know that “Katia” had been dreamed about a decent guy for a couple of years already.

Such situation is a clear example of a scam, however, some of the scam profiles are rather intelligent and it’s hard to find out at very first glance that we are being scammed. How to recognize Russian dating scam and not being cheated? Let’s find out!

1. Look at the profile

First of all, check her profile well. If her pictures seem blurry, pixelated and not good quality this might be a first warning sign. Every girl who starts her profile description with words “I am“and then a bunch of superlatives is probably a scammer since she needs to attract single guys with great words. What's more, if she is making really obvious grammar mistakes (while talking in English for example) or her messages seem to be written in a “robot” style, she is a scammer for sure.

2. Communication

The way she is talking to you is another method to detect if she is a scammer or not. If from the very beginning she will start talking sweet words to you (honey, baby, my man etc.) and trying to behave childish and seductive at the same time, it’s a warning. What’s more if from time to time she will say how poor she is and how long she had been waiting for a guy like you, better cut contactsimmediately. She might start sign letters like “Your love Natasha”, “Your future wife Natasha”, this is a simple way to detect a scam.

3. E-mail

If this particular Russian lady wrote you first to your direct email address (the one you registered on dating website) but you don't remember ever writing her, she is not real.

4. IP Address

Most of the Russian scammers are coming from same IP addresses and locations. They are easy to detect by noncomplicated IP searching programmes. Most of the Russian scam generates from the same source: Mari El, however, there’s a bunch of scammers from Kazan as well. Other locations you need to be aware of are Lugansk, Cheboksary, and Donetsk.

5. Use Google

Google is your anti-scam friend and can detect a scam within few seconds. Simple copy and past any quote from girl’s profile or search her pictures over the Internet. The results will be “amazing”!

You will be stunned how many girls are using same pictures and words to attract single guys.

6. Money

If she is asking for money or trying to tell you she is poor, with lots of family members and her job is the only way to support the family, she is a scammer and will disappear as soon as you send her money.

7. Visa

If a Russian lady from your dreams is asking you to help her obtaining American visa, for sure she is a scammer. American tourist visa CANNOT be obtained through a travel agency in 99.99% of the cases. Same goes for UK visa or Australian one. What’s more some scammers are going to send you visa or passports scans to make talking more reliable. In most of the cases, those are just well-photoshopped documents and have nothing to do with real touristdocuments. The best you can do is contact the embassy where visa had been issued and ask if it’s a real document or not.

Some girls are trying to obtain fiancée visa which is impossible if you don’t fill and submit proper documents by yourself in the embassy.

8. Pictures

If she is sending a picture or two within every message, it’s a red alert. Be careful and check the name of files she is sending to you. If picture’s name is “I_love_you”, “I_miss_you” or any similar content, there’s something wrong. If a file name of her picture is different than her own name (for example picture is called Katia but your girl’s name is Olga) this is a real scam.

9. Meeting

Your dream girl will be trying to meet you immediately right after you both get closer to each other. It might happen within a week or two after corresponding. Obviously she will ask for your money in order to travel to your place.

10. Common sense

Believe in your common sense and try to find out if she is a scammer or not by asking simple questions and keep your eyes open. Every intelligent man will find out sooner or later that “Russian princess” is not a real person.