What you should know before dating a Russian

Posted by freerussiandatingsites.com.com | August 10th, 2016

Even ever been dating or dreaming about hanging out with a Russian girl, you came to the right spot. All nationalities have their ritual and ideas about perfect love life and a great lifestyle. Russians are no different. Their lives can be a little bit weirder and something you didn’t expect might appear.

If you ever had been wondering what you shall know and keep in mind before dating a Russian lady, we come in handy.

  1. Russian girls pay great attention to the way they look (especially young girls). They can spend hours for preparing before going out. What's more, they are more likely to wear heavy makeup and a bit sexy and temptation clothes, however, it doesn’t mean that they liked to be paid for sex.
  2. There’s an unwritten rule about being late for a date. Most of the Russian girls are very bad at timing and coming to a meeting point even 30 minutes later is something normal. Get used to it or buy her an expensive hand watch.
  3. Russians are extremely superstitious. There’s a long, long list of things you cannot do, in the case to avoid bad luck. You can’t sit on the floor, you can’t split the salt on the table or even you can’t sit on the corner of the table.
  4. Russian’s sense of humor is very different from the American one. Even if you don’t understand what your girl is saying, better try to pretend that you are listening.
  5. When it comes to talking in English (or any foreign language basically), Russians have a weird accent. This is something you need to get acquainted with if you want to date Russian lady in serious matters.
  6. Most of Russians have a high alcohol tolerance, and they are not afraid to drink a vodka shot or two during the day. Russian girls are not that easy to be drunk. If you are a non-drinker or have a slightly weak head for drinking, don’t even start.
  7. Most of the Russian girls are family oriented. They always put family first. She will serve you right if you accept and respect her family.
  8. Religion plays a big role in society as well. Most of the Russian ladies are believers and going to church on regular basis. She will be happy and pleased if you join her in church’s celebrations.
  9. Most of the Russian girls like expensive and luxuriousitems, however, they prefer to choose their own gifts. Bring your girl to a shopping mall and prepare your wallet.
  10. Young generations of Russians hates to talk about politics, so don’t even start if you are not looking for a huge fight.
  11. They are straightforward and will tell you directly if there’s something to dislike or make them upset. Being honest is one of best characteristic of Russian’s society.
  12. Most of Russians are crazy cat lovers. There’s at least 1 cat in every family. Of course, some of them love dogs too, but cats are like characteristic items connected with Russian culture.
  13. They never come over empty-handed so if you are paying a visit to her family or just visiting her at home, bring small gift or flowers.
  14. Russian peoples are one of friendliest nations when you get their trust. They don’t smile at random people since it’s not part of Russian culture. Once you meet Russian girl and want to be friends with her, it needs some time but the reward is great.
  15. Russians are fascinated with their culture and traditions. One thing you might notice is a set of Russian dolls called Matryoshkas in every household. They are cute and playable with.

Once you master all the tips and tricks about Russian culture and traditions, for sure you will get closer to sexy and single Russian lady in a matter of time.